Mongols MC



The Mongols Motorcycle gang is a gang that is respected by most but feared by all .The 1.) Mongol Motorcycle gang is also known as also known as the Mongol Nation or the Mongol Brotherhood and is also a “one-percenter which means that 99% of motorcyclist was law abiding citizens the other 1% were outlaws. They don’t care who they have to hurt to get what they want as long as they get it. 2.) They were originally formed in the Montebella,CA they were made up of Hispanic Vietnam war members who were refused by the hells angels. This gang’s headquarters is in California but spreads out to Nevada, Oklahoma, Colorado, Arizona, Montana, Oregon, New York, Indiana, Florida and Virginia, and in the countries of Canada, Germany, Italy and Mexico.

3.) The Mongol motorcycle club is a international organization that is one of the most violent motorcycle clubs in America. I don’t think most people know how dangerous a motorcycle gang really is they kill, hurt, abuse, steel and don’t care in the slightest about the law. Motorcycle gangs traffic guns, cocaine, meth, and a lot of other drugs. Not all are like this but most of them are and I wouldn’t want to get in there way. The Mongols Motorcycle Gang is a very violent motorcycle gang.4.) Recently 61 Mongols were arrested by 1000 federal agents that spread across 6 states. But this is only the tip of the ice berg because this Club holds 600 members and counting. This is a Motorcycle gang that involved in murder, torture, and drug trafficking. This biker gang that is mostly Latino, attack black people, committee robberies, steals motorcycles, and steals people’s credit cards and credit card information.

Mongols Motorcycle Club is an extremely violent Motorcycle gang that poses a serious criminal threat to the Pacific and southwestern regions of the United States. Mongols members transport and distribute cocaine, marijuana, and meth and commit violent crimes, including assault, intimidation, and murder, to defend Mongols territory and uphold its reputation. 5.) Mongols has 70 chapters nationwide, with most of the club's 800 to 850 members residing in California. Many members are former street gang members with a long history of using violence to settle arguments. Agents with the ATF have called Mongols Motorcycle Club the most violent and dangerous Motorcycle gang in the nation. In the 1980s, the Mongols Motorcycle gang seized control of southern California from HAMC, and today Mongols club is allied with Bandidos, Outlaws, Sons of Silence, and Pagan against HAMC. The Mongols club also maintains ties to Hispanic street gangs in Los Angeles.

More recently in 2008 the Mongols MC (motorcycle club) went to court because they were told they weren’t allowed to use that own trade mark anymore. In the case United States v. Ruben Cavazos. The federal judge stated that as an asset to the Mongol nation the trade mark would be subject to forfeiture as the defendants were convicted in criminal proceeding. They also said that if anyone was caught wearing this trademark that they would be fined or possible thrown in jail.